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Feb 1, 2022
Skyblock Release!

Empire Soldiers

Note: Please be aware that to use this addon, you must enable the “Holiday Creator Features” experimental toggle in your world settings

Are you building multiple kingdoms, or even just a single kingdom and want some “soldiers” to look like you have an army? This addon is for you!

Included in this addon is 4 different colours of troops, each with Knights (riding horses), Archers and Soldiers. Note, these troops will not move or look around.

The Troops


The knight is spawned with a horse. They wield Tridents as their weapon of choice for charging at the enemy!


The archer is a long range soldier. They will spawn with either a crossbow or a bow.


The soldier is the basic Infantry. They will spawn with either an Iron Axe or an Iron Sword


To obtain these soldiers, you must find recruitment scrolls around the world in chests. You can then trade these scrolls with the “Recruiting Officer” who is similar to the wandering trader in that he will randomly appear. He will trade 1 scroll for 1 egg, in whichever colour you choose. The colours available are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

If you have no scrolls, you will also be able to trade 1 Diamond Block and a specific item for a troop. Please note, the troops available at any time will be random each time the Recruiting Officer appears, so you may need to wait to get the one you want.


As these entities are immune to all damage, you can remove them by “crouch, right click” on them, the same as you would do when attaching Hoppers to other Hoppers or chests, and obtain the spawn egg back.

*Note: If you do this to a Knights horse, the horse will despawn returning your egg, but the knight itself will fall to the ground and sit there. You can then remove the knight separately but obtain no egg for doing so.


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