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Feb 1, 2022
Skyblock Release!


Is the normal “hard” minecraft too easy for you? Don’t want to play hardcore on Java? Well today I present, Difficulty+.

This addon has 4 extra difficulty levels which can be changed in the behavior pack settings.

Expert Level

This is the difficulty used by Prowl8413 in his new Survival Empire series.

Master Level

Challenger Level

Godlike Mode

This is the difficulty of my SMP server that my patrons have access to. Join the discord and sign up on patreon to join (Silver level or higher)


Regarding mob spawning with enchanted armor/gear: Some mobs may not always spawn with armor (zombies/skeletons etc) but any gear or weapons they do spawn with will be enchanted.

When you load this pack, it will default to godlike difficulty. You can change this by clicking the cog icon under “active packs” in your world settings.


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